Sunday, April 27, 2008

Response to AttentionMax’s blog

This post is the last of the two required posts that we have to respond to for class.

In response to Max’s blog, regarding “Mission-Critical Presentation Advice: Dump Powerpoint,” I kind of agree, kind of disagree.

He mentions that, after reading about advice to better present yourself in a presentation, Max notes that power points are way overdone. In other words, people use power points to hide behind the presentation, which ultimately doesn’t draw the audience to pay attention. He also notes that power points should only be used for long and written printed reports, if that. Other than that, people need to stay focused on the individual and not so much what is on the screen.

I agree in that power points do take away from the presenter and takes the focus away from them. However, being a little shy when it comes to public speaking myself, I like power points. Normally I will put the main, important facts on the slides, and read the more detailed information from note cards. But I think that if it wasn’t for power points, I would have a harder time giving a speech or presentation. Eventually, and this is my personal opinion, if you only put the necessary points on the screen and speak about the rest, the audience will read the screen and follow along with you as you read into further detail, directing their attention back and forth between you and the slides.

Visit ytsrvinu to read the post.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Young and Hip Life of Miley Cyrus!

It has been reported that the young and infamous Miley Cyrus just signed a deal to write her own book; a memoir of her life.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I like Miley and I love her songs, but a book? About her life? Come one. She’s only, what, 16? What could she write about? She’s only two years a teenager.

A report from ytsrvinu says that she wants to let her fans know how important her relationship is with her family. OK… I can understand that. After all, she has, so far, failed to fall into the celebrity-teenage- drug/ alcohol- trap.

You go Miley!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


This is my final post related to my group project, which began at the beginning of the semester, regarding Internet Use. This post is a follow up to the second post: how businesses use the internet.

Here are a few examples of how today’s businesses are using the rapidly growing internet:

  • Keeping Up With Industry Trends and Competitive Intelligence: staying current with the industry, tracking industry and company activities, research of innovative developments, learn what customers think, and discover what people are saying about competitor’s.
  • General Research: locate suppliers and buyers, find market information for business plans, get results from newly developed software, and search for new jobs and/ or employees.
  • Customer Service and Sales: find new customers for products/ services, test newly developed software applications, provide ordering mechanisms through the internet for people to buy products directly online, and save on postage and other distribution costs.

I think these are great explanations of how companies are using the internet, and if they’re not, these are valuable reasons to get involved on the net.

With today’s industry growing around the internet, it would be nearly hard for a company to succeed over competitors if they weren’t on the internet in one way or another. The internet is becoming a primary source for business, and soon companies that operate offline only, will be extinct.

Response to "Sex and Drugs for Teens" blog post

For my marketing class, we had to find a blog, unrelated to our classmates', and post a comment on it. We also had to use that word that orginally could not be found when googled.

Just a reminder, the word is ytsrvinu, and I posted on Perez Hilton's blog regarding a UK television show-- portraying sex and drugs amongst teens-- that may be coming to the U.S.

Here is the link to the page which I commented on: I'm number 134.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Well here’s one thing regarding politics that is more on the up-side of all that is going on in today’s Presidential race… the Bush wedding.

The world knows that Jenna Bush, one of the two Bush daughters, is engaged to be married to fiancĂ© Henry Hager next month. The wedding will NOT take place at the White House, however, it will be held at the Bush’s Texas ranch where the couple feels it will be more low-key and feel more like home—literally.

I’m so glad to hear about political news, such as this, that isn’t negative or bashing about another candidate.

I can’t wait to see photos and read about this extravagant event. Stay tuned for updates after the May 10th event, or click on this link for more ytsrvinu

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


That is the infamous question right now; did Jay-Z and Beyonce recently tie the knot?
No one knows for sure but there have been speculated rumors, and close friends have hinted that something did occur last Friday, April 4.

What I don’t understand is why celebrities try to deny such things. First, the couple tried to deny rumors of even DATING, for the longest time. Um hello, it’s kind of hard to deny something like that, when for the past six years we have watched as they have grown closer, snuggled, attended public events together, even vacationing on yachts. I’m not quite sure how they would figure no one will know, or that no one assumes that they’re dating.

And second, if you plan on getting married and don’t want the public or press to know, for privacy reasons, that’s understandable. But to attempt to deny that a wedding, even a small one, took place, come on… that’s ridiculous.
For more on this “rumor,” visit ytsrvinu.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Unknown word

Our marketing class has been given a small homework assignment. It entails finding a word that does not exist in Google’s search engine.

Let’s face it, how many times have you Googled a word, or topic or item, and it hasn’t come through with any results? Probably none.

Well I came up with a word that does not exist… ytsrvinu. It has no meaning of any sort, except the word is university spelt backwards, minus two letters. Who would have thought that there are words that can’t be Googled.