Sunday, April 27, 2008

Response to AttentionMax’s blog

This post is the last of the two required posts that we have to respond to for class.

In response to Max’s blog, regarding “Mission-Critical Presentation Advice: Dump Powerpoint,” I kind of agree, kind of disagree.

He mentions that, after reading about advice to better present yourself in a presentation, Max notes that power points are way overdone. In other words, people use power points to hide behind the presentation, which ultimately doesn’t draw the audience to pay attention. He also notes that power points should only be used for long and written printed reports, if that. Other than that, people need to stay focused on the individual and not so much what is on the screen.

I agree in that power points do take away from the presenter and takes the focus away from them. However, being a little shy when it comes to public speaking myself, I like power points. Normally I will put the main, important facts on the slides, and read the more detailed information from note cards. But I think that if it wasn’t for power points, I would have a harder time giving a speech or presentation. Eventually, and this is my personal opinion, if you only put the necessary points on the screen and speak about the rest, the audience will read the screen and follow along with you as you read into further detail, directing their attention back and forth between you and the slides.

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