Thursday, April 17, 2008


This is my final post related to my group project, which began at the beginning of the semester, regarding Internet Use. This post is a follow up to the second post: how businesses use the internet.

Here are a few examples of how today’s businesses are using the rapidly growing internet:

  • Keeping Up With Industry Trends and Competitive Intelligence: staying current with the industry, tracking industry and company activities, research of innovative developments, learn what customers think, and discover what people are saying about competitor’s.
  • General Research: locate suppliers and buyers, find market information for business plans, get results from newly developed software, and search for new jobs and/ or employees.
  • Customer Service and Sales: find new customers for products/ services, test newly developed software applications, provide ordering mechanisms through the internet for people to buy products directly online, and save on postage and other distribution costs.

I think these are great explanations of how companies are using the internet, and if they’re not, these are valuable reasons to get involved on the net.

With today’s industry growing around the internet, it would be nearly hard for a company to succeed over competitors if they weren’t on the internet in one way or another. The internet is becoming a primary source for business, and soon companies that operate offline only, will be extinct.

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