Thursday, January 31, 2008

Britney, Britney, BRITNEY

She has been everywhere in the news for the past year or so now. Her actions are making headlines almost every day, from her divorce from K-Fed, the wild party nights with Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, to her fight for custody of her two young sons and shaving her head bald. Now we learn for the second time that she has been taken from her home, by ambulance, and escorted by police to the hospital for psychiatric evaluations. What has her life come to?

I’m not sure if I feel sorry for her or if she deserves this. At first, people claimed that her actions were a result of postpartum depression. OK, that’s kind of understandable. But a year later and this is still going on, and she only continues to get worse, there must be a better answer for why. I just don’t understand why someone in her situation is REFUSING help! Her parents tried to lend their support and advice, as well as medical advice from people such as Dr. Phil McGraw.

Now, Britney was taken from her home in the middle of the night, between Wednesday and Thursday of this week, for a second time, to be further evaluated at UCLA Medical Center. I feel really bad for her family and the people who are making the attempts to help her. Her poor mother only wants the best for her daughter, AND her grandkids. You would think that after losing visitation rights Britney might want to clean herself up and seek help. Nope! Her behavior continues to spiral out of control.

Then again, I do kind of feel bad for her, in a sense, when paparazzi are ALWAYS in her face. I know that it is their job to basically stalk celebrities so that people like me and you can read about it, and feed on the gossip. But there comes a point in time when enough is enough. As much as I like to read about celebrity gossip, even though hearing about Britney every day is getting rather old, the paparazzi need to know when to back off. And a here we have Britney’s situation which continually gets worse and personally, I think the paparazzi play a big role in it. If they would only back off a bit and stay out of her face and give her the privacy she needs to get her life together, Britney might pull herself around… eventually.

People strive on attention, AKA Britney Spears, and having the press in her face all the time only feeds the fire. I say, back off and give her the privacy she needs to get better. It would be nice to eventually here that Britney at least gains her visitation rights back to see her two young kids. Kids need their mothers in their lives and I would hate to see Sean Preston and Jayden James loose theirs.

I am getting sick of hearing about Britney, but I would also hate to see her wind up like so many other celebs that have lost their lives to drugs and out of control behavior; Anna Nicole Smith, Marilyn Monroe, and possible Heath Ledger—more gossip on Heath to come.


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