Saturday, February 2, 2008

Heath's Death is taking it's toll

Poor Michelle Williams. The death of her ex boyfriend, Heath Ledger, obviously isn't easy to handle. It seems like it was just yesterday that Heath passed, but believe it or not, it's already been two weeks since the news was released.

For the first time, Michelle spoke out about Heath's death, asking that the public and the paparazzi give her and her two year old daughter, Matilda, the privacy they need.

This kind of goes back to my post on Britney and how the paparazzi are constantly in the faces of celebrities. I haven't heard too much complaints, yet, about the much needed space from Michelle and Heath's family, so I would like to assume that the press is respecting her wishes. In a time such as this, a far more worse case than Britney's, it's so important that the press respects their wishes.

I feel for her, I do. The couple recently broke it off after their two year relationship, and it's been said that since the breakup, Heath just wasn't himself. No breakup is easy and to add death on top of it, well, there just aren't any words that one could say to make anothe feel better.

And to add to the matters, two TV shows, Entertainment Tonight and The Insider, were scheduled to air a taping of Heath and drug use, prior to his death. Thankfully, Hollywood and many other publicists forcefully and highly encouraged that the two networks drop the video; and they did.

It must be me but I just don’t understand why certain people, the press in particular, have to ruin the lives of so many people. Is it really necessary to air such evidence at this point in time? Heath hasn’t even been buried yet and you have networks rushing to air material that is so irrelevant right now, just so they can gain publicity and money. It’s wrong and tacky and bad practice. This is the kind of stuff that turns people away from gossip like this.,,20175416,00.html,,20175486,00.html


Matty D. said...

Well said Mal. It seems these poor celebs get absolutely no privacy. The poor guy is dead and yet his private life is still being violated. I think that the pressure from the public and the media drives some of these celebs to go nuts and do some of the crazy things that they do!

Colleen said...

I agree with Matt. Leave heath and his family alone during the grieving process, it seems that the press does not care about anyone as a person anymore, as long as they get the biggest story with the latest news and the best picture/video. I guess since the writers have gone on strike, there is nothing left to watch except reality, or celebs in their everyday lives. I have to admit that I, myself, do tend to watch E! and TMZ every so often. I look forward to reading more posts and your opinion on all of these crazy celebs and their crazy lives.