Friday, February 8, 2008


Britney is out of the hospital… EARLY!

Apparently the doctors tried to keep her in but the courts didn’t find a just cause for her stay.
What?! No just cause?! The woman’s crazy!

I do feel bad for her, a little bit, but she needs help. She’s refusing help from her family and friends and the only hope anyone ever had of her recovery was in the hospital. Forget that now, that’s been shot to hell.

And it’s also no surprise that she now wants her father out of her life, and in replace of him and the rest of the family, she’s with this loser paparazzi boyfriend; I’m sure he’s bringing a lot to the table and is surely helping her situation. Heck, if he liked he/ loved her/ wants to get her better, wouldn’t one think that he might encourage her to let her family back into her life and help her get better? My goodness, someone strap her down and tranquilize her!

This might sound mean and harsh but I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw reports of Britney’s death in the next month or so. Hey, she’s placing this on herself and it’s stupid how the courts are in denial of this too.

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