Friday, February 8, 2008


So many celebrities are hitting rehab lately. The latest news, Kirsten Dunst has entered rehab.

The 22 year old actress has checked into rehab at Cirque Lodge Treatment Center in Utah; the same place Lindsay Lohan and Eva Mendes recently checked into.

This is actually a surprise to me because I had no idea she was even a hard-core partier. Apparently I was wrong.

I know everyone has their problems, but it seems that Hollywood isn’t the place to be if it’s causing everyone to put themselves into rehab.

So much for that acting career.

Who’s next on the list?

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Colleen said...

Hey Mallory!
Wow I find this to be very odd as well. I had no idea she was a partier because she keeps her life out of the spotlight and is not a very big papparazi fan. Interesting to think, who really is next...

Nikki said...

I agree, Hollywood is not the place to be. I'd rather have less money and be umm well not an alcoholic druggie than be a big movie star and wasting away in rehab.